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Forget running up hills, this is hi-tech Pre-season! - 22/07/2002

   John Gregory
   Derby County
 Leagues & Cups:
   The Championship

This is my first pre-season away from Newcastle in quite a few years, I have to say I’m impressed! I’m feeling very good and a lot of credit has to go down to John Gregory and his staff at the club. Nothing has been left to chance, we’ve had blood tests, dehydration monitoring, heart rate measurements and we’re feeling the benefit. The boss is very forward thinking and if new technology or medical analysis can win you an extra 5 to 10% of fitness, we’ll be the ones to benefit.

Everything about the club is Premiership – bar the division we’re playing in! The facilities are here, the players, the fans, the stadium are all first class so we don’t plan on staying in this division long. We’re talking about developing a wining mentality, and when the season kicks off, we’re determined to build on that mentality through our results!

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