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The Player's are backing the club - 04/09/2002

The Player's are backing the club
We're backing the club
   Derby County

It's been well documented that the player’s weren’t paid last week, and whilst we’re obviously concerned, I’d like to reassure the fans that we will be concentrating on our football. We understand that the financial plight of the club is poor and that negotiations are on going to rectify cashflow and the medium to long-term future of Derby County. The club is talking to two consortiums with a view to a potential take over, unfortunately for us, the bank will not release any funds until a deal has been agreed.

As a matter of course, the PFA have been notified and are also monitoring the situation. I am the PFA rep, a role that I’ve held at both Derby and Newcastle. I take the role seriously and in representing the players, I also aim to work with the club to the benefit of everyone. I’m certainly not banging on the Chairman’s door demanding this and that, and I hope that the matter will be sorted out sooner rather than later.

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