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Still enjoying myself - 27/11/2003

   Sheffield Wednesday
   Queens Park Rangers

Although Iíve had a couple of weeks out with injury, Iím still enjoying myself at Loftus Road. The hamstring injury took longer than expect to heal, then immediately afterwards I picked up a bout of flu Ė just like London buses, no injuries in site, then suddenly out with one ailment after another!!


In the meantime Richard Edghill and Tyrell Forbes have come in and done well Ė itís now up to me to win my place back. We face Sheff Wed this weekend and itíll be a tough game, they havenít being doing that well, but on closer examination, they play better on their travels. Theyíre a big club and have a decent squad, sometimes the pressures on at home and it becomes easier to play away. Chris Turners should pull things around Ė itís probably more a case of when rather than if itíll happen.


I had a run out in the recent 1-0 reserve win at Wycombe. Tim Breaker asked me to play midfield, and with all the youngsters in the team it was a sensible thing to do. Personally it also gave me that little bit extra involvement Ė which was good for both my touch and my fitness. I must admit that I did feel the last ten to fifteen minutes, but having gone through that, Iím confident that Iíve now got enough fitness under my belt to see me through 90 minutes. If I get the nod, or a place on the bench, Iíll be ready for Sheffield.

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