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A busy summer - 23/07/2004

A busy summer
Al - receiving SAGA sponsored award for the only player over 30 at Newcastle
   Alan Shearer
   Sir Bobby Robson
   Newcastle United

 On Monday Iím off to Lilleshall where Iíll hopefully complete my UEFA ĎAí Badge. Itís been a demanding qualification but Iíd expect nothing else. The days when you could walk into a job without qualifications have gone, and therefore itís been in my plans for the last few years and means that Iíll be ready to move into any coaching job. Although nothing has yet been confirmed, I should be going back to my first club Ė Dagenham and Redbridge - on a non-contract basis; predominantly coaching although in an emergency I may be tempted to pull my boots on!! If an offer comes in from a full time club then Iíd be stupid to say no, but in the meantime Iím looking forward to re-joining them.

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