A good away win - 18/09/2002

I think it’s fair to say that we’ve felt a bit of pressure recently, losing the Leicester derby didn’t help! We’ve had a look at ourselves and decided that we need to be more realistic – sometimes you should settle for a draw and not overstretch. Too many times this season we’re been punished by being a little too adventurous and chasing the full points. Games that we don’t win should be games that we draw, picking up these single points could be crucial when promotion or play-off places are won.

To be fair, we didn’t play well last night, they had a few chances and luckily they didn’t take them. Whereas we were relatively comfortable at the back and were happy to play a counter-attack game. We also showed character, and that’ll stand us in good stead for games such as these. The victory was very welcome, and I can say that Palace are a good side who won’t be far away at the end of the season. The fact that they’ve recently beaten Wolves shows what they’re capable of.

It’s now mid-September and we’ve played ten games, matches are coming thick and fast. This doesn’t give us time to dwell on poor performances and we’re always looking forward to the next game. We’ll be doing everything to maintain our momentum and we’re looking forward to playing Preston on Saturday.

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