It was a chance I couldn't turn down - 21/01/2004

It was a chance I couldn't turn down
He always had potential

I enjoyed the couple of weeks I spent training with Leicester and now Iím back at QPR, Iím helping out with the coaching and keeping fit in case Iím needed on the pitch. Les (Ferdinand) sorted out the Leicester spell and to be honest, the chance to play in the Premiership again was simply too good to turn down. I played a practice match up there but with John Curtisí injury not being as and as originally diagnosed, and with Leicester buying my old colleague Nicos Dabizas, I wonít be joining them.


But perhaps this isnít such a bad thing in that Iím in the middle of my UEFA ĎAí Badge Ė which is a very demanding course. The experience of coaching at QPR gains me experience and with not playing regularly I no have the time to concentrate on my badge.


Sky Sports interviewed me earlier in the week regarding Louis Sahaís move to Man Utd. I wish him well and everyone who saw him play and train at Newcastle wonít be that surprised how his career has taken off. He always had the potential but maybe he was a little raw back then. Heís got a good temperament and Iím sure heíll do well there, heís a nice lad and I wish him all the best.


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