The Premier League is fantastic! - 07/11/2001

The Premier League is fantastic, it's just wide open this year and that's great for the game. This is the best Championship race for years. I expected Man United to run away with it this year, but it's just like a jigsaw puzzle, you've got to the pieces together and they're just not doing it. In the past they always seemed to get the rub of the green, but not this year. The Stam thing was a massive mistake, I don't think they sold because of the drug situation, it was just the personality clash with his criticism of the club in his biography.

I think there could be five teams who could win it, Liverpool, Leeds, Arsenal, Man United and even an outside chance is Newcastle. The longer the other clubs stay in Europe, the better Newcastle's chances are, there's such a focus on doing well in Europe that it's a big distraction. Saying that, I'm actually thinking of putting money on Man U, you just can't write them off and they're more than capable of putting a great run together, plus if they don't make it, you don't mind losing your money!

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