Roll on September 7th - 15/07/2003

I watched the Masters football on Sunday and after seeing Man City qualify for the finals in Newcastle, Iím really looking forward to the event. For me, itís a great competition, both socially and in football terms. Last year we played very well, although a Liverpool side with ageing, but class players lifted the cup with us being beaten finalists. Ironically a slightly younger Liverpool side couldnít even make their group stage final. Bolton and City qualified for the play-off and although Bolton had been quite impressive, it was City who deservedly went through.

With eight teams in the final, itís going to quite a night. Joining us will be West Brom, Leicester, Charlton, Chelsea, Sheff Utd, Rangers, and City. There should be quite an atmosphere in the Telewest and itís fair to say the adrenaline will be pumping. Do we have a chance? Yes, Iím sure we do. But thatís what I thought last year before Liverpool turned us over in the final. Although I didnít see all the qualifiers, Chelsea and Sheff Utd look to be good bets. Chelsea, include my old mate Gavin Peacock and have some younger players who suit this style of football. I know that Gav fancies their chances. I have to mention Sheff Utd as Iím a blade myself Ė but honestly though, they do have a great chance and put out three decent teams in their qualifier. It would be great if you could get yourselves down there, just think, Peter Beardsley getting a hat-trick in the final and lifting the cup...

If youíd like more information about the Masters, or ticket details, try the masters websiteÖ

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