Now it's gonna be really tough! - 26/02/2002

Now it's gonna be really tough!

We hear that Craig Bellamy may be out for a month, and with games against Arsenal and Liverpool, this is a going to be a rally tough test! The team has handled Kieron Dyer's injury very well, but when you lose two top quality performers, it can start to show. Of all the players who have played their part in making this season so exciting, Craig Bellamy has to at the front of the queue. So what happens next?

There are a number of options, Id like to see Robert take Bellamys role with Bernard coming back in left midfield. An alternative would be Carl Cort returning, but hes very similar to Shearer and this would mean the whole team adapting to a new style. Id therefore favour the former option, and throw in the fact that Robbie Elliott can also play left midfield, it could be quite exciting. You have to remember that Robert actually played this role for PSG and remember his goal at Highbury, hes obviously got the ability to make it work!

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