On the spot - 29/07/2003

I've just got back from KL and once again really enjoyed my time out there. There had been talk of working in the Far East on a more permanent basis, but with family commitments and plenty of things going on in the UK, it's probably been for the better that I just go out there every so often.

As the below article suggests, I did have a bit of a nightmare at the Asia Cup opening dinner. Basically it had been planned for me, Ray Wilkins, Richard Keys, and Jeff Shreeves to say a few words and get the banter going - it didn't work out that way!! Firstly, the other lads disappeared and ESPN were left with yours truly as the only speaker. It's difficult enough standing infront of five hundred people - including the lads from Birmingham, Chelsea, and Newcastle who were knackered after a 13 hour flight - but then I was told that no alcohol was being served and that I had to keep it squeaky clean as the Malaysian Royal family were in attendance! It gets worse...they then wanted me to have a bit of a friendly pot at Alan Shearer!! Talk about pressure in football, I was more nervous before that speech than at any time before a big game!

So Simon's article just about summed things up perfectly...

...can't understand why he mentioned my hair though...

"John Beresford can point to many memorable performances as a Newcastle footballer and many more as a popular pundit on Tyne Tees Television.But poor Bez had a night to forget at the dinner and auction held to celebrate the inaugural Asia Cup and raise funds to aid cerebral palsy.The normally chipper Yorkshireman was a bundle of nerves prior to the showpiece social event of this week's footballing festival after he was told fellow guest speaker Ray Wilkins had done a runner.Then it became clear he would be talking to an audience for whom alcohol was not an option. After that he was informed he was not allowed to use colourful language in front of the royal family's distinguished representative.And finally a visibly wilting Bez was asked to dig deep into the private life of his former colleagues - with Newcastle United's glowering players just yards away.A defender renowned for his composure under pressure had never looked more uncomfortable. But in spite of the heat, expectation and glare of publicity, Bez's hair remained immaculate. It's good to know some things never change."

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