Back from Singapore - 08/04/2002

I’ve just got back Singapore where I’ve been doing TV work for ESPN Star. The coverage goes out over numerous countries - Iran, India, South East Asia and to Hong Kong and China, and how much football do they get? They have more football on the TV than we have soaps! To give you some idea, I was working Saturday’s, Sunday’s and Monday’s to cover live games, then presenting a summary show on Tuesday evenings. Thursday was my day off and then it’s back in for the preview show on Friday night!! Oh, and that’s just the English Premiership, there’s also the German, Italian, and Spanish leagues.

One of the guy’s who also works as a pundit is Paul Masefield. Mase used to play for Brimingham, Stockport, and Preston before moving to Hong Kong and then Singapore. As well as the TV, he also runs his own ‘Little League’ coaching school. I helped him out with a few coaching sessions – which also got me out of the hotel. He loves it there, and I can see why. The quality of life is great, the people are really friendly, you’ve got the weather, and there’s always something to do. There might be a chance of going back out for the World Cup, but if not, I’m sure to visit again soon.

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