Wal hangs up his boots - 31/03/2004

Wal hangs up his boots
Well respected on Tyneside

Itís a sad day when you realise youíve pulled on your boots for the last time. Warrenís made his decision and heís now going to concentrate on his coaching.

For me, heís been one of the most professional players around. How many times did you hear about him falling out with people or getting himself into trouble? He doesnít shirk from taking on responsibility and has always done things the right way. Heís captained at a few clubs, works hard off the park, and was always volunteering to help out with charity functions. His role as a PFA rep was appreciated by those around him and until today he held the top players job - Chairmanship of the PFA, which he's subsquently had to hand over today.

Although his playing days are over, heís not lost to the game. Heíll certainly make a good coach and/or manager and I know that he wonít be short of an offer or two. Perhaps heíll be back up at St. James Park some day? You hear fans talking about him teaming up with Alan Shearer, well I donít know if thatíll happen but it wouldnít surprise me if it did!

Whatever offer he accepts, Iím sure heíll do a good job.

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