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Bez bites back - 13/08/2002

Bez bites back

Following the comments attributed to David Ginola last week when he stated that his move to Newcastle was a mistake, one of his former toon colleagues has spoken up with an alternative viewpoint.Now combining a media career with occasional appearances on the left flank for Halifax Town, John Beresford had the following to say:

"Newcastle did David a favour, not the other way around. I don't want to fall out with him because I love him to death. But he has always been a bit hot-headed and he says things at times that he later regrets. The fact is Newcastle was an ideal club for him. Nobody knew about him but Kevin Keegan gave him free rein to show what a great player he was. It was the making of him. And I don't think he would be complaining if we had won the title instead of twice finishing second. Newcastle's style suited David - he talked about butterflies and ants. He was a butterfly and I was happy to be one of the ants because he's one of the greatest players I have ever played with.

"The platform we built was the reason he did so well at Tottenham after he left. Newcastle's style of play gave him the freedom to perform. He would never have been as successful at Spurs without it. He was a hero up here but he has spoilt it with some of the things he has since said. He has let himself down. I'm bewildered about it all. We had such a good time. I don't think he's had such a good time since."

For me, any player who leaves a club and then bad-mouths the club/city/fans is a fool to himself. I don't know what they expect to gain from slagging off people who once respected them? In twenty years time I know that Les Ferdinand could have a weekend up in Newcastle and he'd be welcomed with open arms. David couldn't do that, and why? They both left the club at a similar time, they both went to Tottenham, but David just seems to feel the need to criticise a club who lifted him to a footballing level he's never touched since!

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