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A good start - 22/08/2003

Although we haven't picked up any wins in the opening league games, we're unbeaten as any keeper will tell you, two clean sheets represent a satisfying personal performance. The points we've picked up are valuable and hard won. Sheffield Utd are backed by many as one of the favourites for promotion, so the trip to Bramall Lane was always going to be tough. We then faced Derby at the Priestfield and simply didn't manage to get the ball in the back of their net.

Of course we've also made progress in the Carling Cup, and it was nice to score two away goals. But we've two Yorkshire away games this weekend and we'll be looking to build on our solid if not spectacular start. Last year we won 3-1 at Bradford and we'll be looking for a repeat. We face Burnley in the Bank Holiday game and that'll be a hard game to call. Burnley have some quality, and if they're sometimes accused of being inconsistent, let's just say we'd be happy to catch them on one of their poorer days! It's till too early to look at the league table with any degree of purpose, but a couple of decent results and we could be looking good.

As you will have seen from the previous article, my experiences in Serbia were quite shocking. It’s a sad fact that in 2003 that sort of racism exists – but positive action must be taken if we're to improve the situation. I'm considering how I can contribute to this process, and if my actions result in only a minute improvement, it's nevertheless a step in the right direction.

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