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Sign of the times - 01/12/2003

   Nottingham Forest

No one wanted to see Marlon King leave the club Ė with the exception of the bank manager. But itís just a sign of the times, and if the club is to keep going, then the sale of players is a necessary evil. Forest are a big club with a special history and Iím sure itís a good move for both the player and the two clubs.

Weíve now got Rod Wallace, Tommy Johnson, and Mamady Sidibe competing for the strikers roles. All three players can easily compete in this division, so Iíd like to think that weíll be all right.

Itís common knowledge that more players may be on the way out, so if the club receive a few offers that are deemed to be acceptable, then yours truly could be on the way out. In fact both me and Nyron Nosworthy have been told that if the right offer comes in, we may also be sold. Saying that, such a scenario is always the case Ė not many clubs are in a position to turn down fair offers for their players.

The initial reaction of the club was to postpone talks about deferment of wages Ė which is a bit of a relief. The collapse of the ITV digital deal still haunts Nationwide teams and itís frustrating to think that one broken deal has had such an effect on football.

Iíve very mixed feelings about the situation as in some respects itís a compliment to know that the club see me as one of their most saleable assets, on the other hand Iíd be very sad to leave. Iím still learning and feel very much at home with Gillingham, with the club also giving me my chance when Charlton released me, so if it does happen, then Iíll be sorry to leave. But thatís all speculation, Iím concentrating on my game and nothing will change that!

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