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Bring on Charlton - 15/12/2003

Bring on Charlton
A great man, a great keeper
   Dean Kiely
   Christopher Powell
   Charlton Athletic
 Leagues & Cups:
   FA Cup

I couldnít believe it when we were drawn against Charlton in the third round of the FA Cup, itís not just that Iím an ex-Charlton player Ė but I have so many friends still there and regularly keep in touch with them. If youíve read my biography on this website youíll know that I rate my professional relationship with Dean Kiely very highly. Heís a mentor to me and taught me so much in my early years as an apprentice. So when we were drawn at home to Charlton I was absolutely delighted!!

 Now Iím faced with a problem though Ė everyone wants tickets!! Chris Powellís got in early with an order of ten, so you just know that Iíll be running around all the other lads in attempt to get hold of as many as possible.

As for the game itself, I genuinely think we have a chance. Charlton have enjoyed a great season so far and Iím sure it could result in their highest Premiership league finish, but that fact that we are at home has given us an opportunity. If we all play to our potential and Charlton donít fire on all cylinders, then you never know. One thing is for sure, weíll all be up for the game!!

 Last Sunday I was awarded with the South East footballer of the year award, an honour that Iím very happy to receive. I feel that Iím still learning and that my best days will be in front of me Ė so hopefully, if I can keep progressing, Iíll be in the frame for further honours in years to come. Just to keep some balance in the family, as I picked up the award, my wife seemed to pick up food poisoning!! Sheís been a bit poorly but Iím glad to say the worst seems to be behind her.

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