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I should be back in within two weeks - 18/01/2004

I should be back in within two weeks
I wish I could have faced Deano
   Charlton Athletic

Whilst we would have liked a big Premiership side, the FA Cup fourth round draw sees us travel up to Turf Moor to face Burnley. The upside is that we’ve a good chance to make progress to the fifth round, and if we can do that it’s more money for the Chairman and then another chance to play one of the big boys. The club seems to be a little more financially stable, the fact that we’ve brought in Patrick Agyemang and Darius Henderson having sold Paul Shaw and then of course we also got decent money for Marlon King is encouraging.


I’d been carrying the thigh injury for a week or two before the Preston game. I’d rested and had intensive treatment on the muscle so I thought I’d be able to play through it. However that wasn’t the case and although I pulled up before I did any serious damage, I haven’t enjoyed missing the last few games.


The one game of the season I wouldn’t have wanted to miss was the Charlton cup tie – but that’s football and I just have to get on with it. Right now I reckon I’m a few days away from being able to train, and then all things being well, I should be ready for the FA cup game a week on Saturday.


To be honest, the injury may be a blessing in disguise. I think my body will benefit from the rest I’m having and prior to the injury I was feeling tired – both mentally and physically. The last couple of weeks will have re-charged my batteries and I’ll return to training full of life and raring to go. It’s a long, long season and when I hear talk of a mid-season winter break, I’m now more inclined to agree. A break would give the pitches, the players, management, and even the fans a rest. Everyone would benefit and let’s face it, would you rather be sitting in a cold stand with the snow and rain belting down or enjoying a summer game on a decent pitch  that encourages teams to pass the ball?

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