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Back to square one! - 18/02/2004

Back to square one!
It's been said before...but I'll be back!

After spending around seven weeks out with a thigh strain, it was great to get back between the posts when we faced Burnley at Turf Moor. The result wasnít what the team and I were looking for, but taking an individual perspective I was happy with my performance. Thereís nothing like playing, and sitting in the background going in for physio isnít the favourite part of my footballing life.

As youíll know however, we played Gravesend in a friendly on Monday night and after feeling a twinge when I first kicked the ball, my second goal kick resulted in a tear in exactly the same part of the muscle as the first injury. I couldnít believe it, and although the tear isnít a big as the original injury, the fact that Iíve already had the same injury in the same place means that Iíll have to be very careful that I donít rush back.

Iíll spend the next few weeks desperate to get back, but Iíll take the advice of the medical team and try to make sure that Iím not pushing too hard. Frustration can be as big an enemy as the injury itself, and itís times such as these that you need to put lifeís trials and tribulations into perspective. Iím very lucky in that Iím doing a job I love, and ok, I may be out for a few weeks but I know theyíd be thousands whoíd swap jobs with me! Another point is that my wife and I are expecting a baby boy in the summer, so football doesnít dominate all my thoughts. Itís a set back but nothing more!

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