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Let's hope next year is better - 07/06/2004

Let's hope next year is better
Marlon King - earnt the club some decent money
   Nottingham Forest

Last season was very disappointing, this time last year we finished 11th and there was the possibility that if money was spent, the club could really move forward and challenge for promotion. Of course that didn't happen and the end result speaks for itself...we staved off relegation by scoring one more goal than Walsall.

We spent around £200,000 on players and received nearly £1,000,000 when Marlon King went to Forest. Money is tight at the club and we don't have an Abramovich, but when we 'celebrated' staying up, we should have been disappointed that we weren't up fighting for a play-off spot. We need a couple of decent players because next year will be harder still. I think the division will be more competitive than this past season and the teams that have been promoted all look to be relatively strong. Whereas me might have earned some respect the previous year, clubs will come to the Priestfield knowing that we only just escaped relegation - they'll be looking to take three points home and that doesn't make it any easier for us.

Looking back I can honestly say that no one player stood out from the rest, although I thought Matty Jarvis did well to come through, I couldn't give you a player of the year! Probably the best results were the West Ham game at home and the cup win against Charlton. But we just didn't perform consistently and during the second half of the season our form fell away.

The club have brought in a new coach and new physio, and that'll help to freshen things up. If there were two signings to be made I'd hope for another centre-half and a creative midfielder in the mould of Paul Shaw.

I can do my bit...I'm not going away on holiday and I'm training throughout the summer. OK, my wife is expecting a baby boy at any minute, but even without the pregnancy I wouldn't have gone away. I'm determined to get into peak condition and give it everything I've got. I owe it to myself...and I owe it to the fans who've been very good to me (and the rest of the boys for that matter). They've had to put up with a lot and I can say is thank you.

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