Ready for action - 22/03/2004

Ready for action
I understand the gaffer

On Friday I trained with the first team and now I feel confident that Iím firmly on my way back to full fitness. Iíve been unlucky with this second tear, itís in the same part of the muscle as the first injury - although itís not a re-occurrence of the initial problem. I feel fully recovered and my immediate aim is to get rid of the rustiness thatís built up with having weeks away from competitive football. Once this is achieved I expect to be back in the first team.

Iíve read the comments from the gaffer about Steve Banks having the shirt and me having to fight for it - Iíd expect nothing else! Itís the gafferís prerogative to pick who he sees fit and when a keeper has done well, itís understandable that a manager is going to want him to continue in such form. Heís never mentioned anything to me, but the reports in the BBC are fair enough. Itís not exactly motivational to tell a keeper heíll be out of team as soon as IĎm fit!! So Iíll continue to train and Iíll be pushing for my recall in a week or so.

Iíve every confidence Iíll be back in the team soonÖand thatís not arrogance, itís a necessity. Thereís not a player in the league who doesnít believe in his own ability - without confidence youíre half the player. Iíve got international aspirations and sooner or later Iíd like to think Iíll get my chance in the full Welsh team. If Iím to achieve that, itíll be through performing well for Gillingham.

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