Getting closer - 13/04/2004

Getting closer
Can't wait to get back

After sitting on the bench yesterday I feel better than ever. I've worked hard to regain my fitness and although I haven't played any first team games yet, I feel really sharp. The gaffer asked me to travel up to the West Brom game but I told him that it'd be more beneficial to spend time with the goalkeeping coach.

I played for the reserves against Palace last week and enjoyed the game, we won 1-0 so it was a clean sheet and one that I had to work hard for! I'm now playing tomorrow against Reading and we can actually win the Pontins reserves league title. It's not bad is it, I miss half the seaosn through inury and play a couple of games and win a Championship medal!!

One aspect of my fitness that I'm also looking at is my weight. My natural build is heavy and no matter how hard I train I'll never be eleven stones. However I've seen a specialist dietician, Dr. Sally Parsonage from the University of Medway and she's placed me a diet that should see me lose a couple of pounds. All told, I'll be eating more fuit and veg and taking more aerobic exercise so I should be leaner in the not too distant future. It's hard work, I've been training today on my day-off, but if I'm to acheive my potential then this is what I need to do. I'd hate to go through life thinking 'if only'. You get one shot and I'm going to make the most of it.

The 3-0 win against Walsall was as needed as it was deserved. We played very well and that puts us in good spirits for the remaining matches. With Derby also winning we cant afford to let up and Ipswich will know that they've had a game this weekend. We beat them 4-3 at their place earlier in the season after we'd also beaten them the previuos year. Having said that, they won 3-1 at the Priestfield just over 12 months ago so they wont be arriving with a lack of confidence. They did well to beat Sunderland at the weekend and it makes for a close game. I'm looking forward to it...nearly as much as making my first team return!!

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