Backed into a corner - 30/09/2004

Backed into a corner

It saddens me to announce that I've handed in a formal transfer request this morning. I've been at Gillingham for a few seasons now and have great respect for the fans who have shown me fantastic support and encouragement over this time. My relationship with the management of the club is healthy and although I have had disappointments, I don't feel it's appropriate to use the website to criticise others. I do feel that it is important for the fans to understand why I taken this course of action.

Results haven't been going well, we haven't won in quite a few games, we've conceded goals, and I'd love to play my part in helping to turn things around. However, I simply haven't been given a chance. No disrespect to Steve Banks, he's come in and done a decent job and hasn't let anyone down. However I believe in my own ability - and I'm reassured by the opinions of other squad members when I say that I can do a job for this club.

I appreciate that some might see the handing in of a transfer request as a petulant act, but only I know what I've gone through. It's got to the point that my frustration and disappointment is affecting my life away from the club - and that's a situation that cannot be allowed to be continued. I noticed that when Graeme Souness took the Newcastle job he is reported to have told the players that after your family, football comes next in the order of life's priorities. I couldn't agree more!!! I sacrificed my summer, didn't go on holiday and trained every day. Now I'm not looking for a Blue Peter badge, but I am saying that no one can doubt my commitment and professionalism. I started this season as fit as I've ever been, but that's effectively worked against me as I now feel even more frustrated with the lack of first team appearances. The bottom line is that when you start to take the job home, it's time to draw a line in the sand. I have to think of my family and my well being.

I will however continue to train hard and give my all. I'm not the type to sulk and promise to continue to act as professionally now as I've been throughout the last few months.

I thank all Gillingham fans for their support and just hope that they can understand why I've had to make this decision.



The following is a sample of the emails received by the site - thanks to everyone who has contacted Jason!

really saddend to hear your news today,we have 7 season tickets in our family 3in our immediate family,we can see that you have been treated as a no2 keeper and not the NO1 what you are,not only us but the supporters around the stadium too perhaps the management should listen to the one is more upset than chris as you know he has followed you home /away and took an interest in welsh games he and us wish you every succes and we know you will do really well as you are a truly sincere person and family man,and we agree that family is so important,we are really proud of our children and you indiviually made christophers day as mascot so very special the gloves you gave are framed and the ones from the stoke game he kept on and fell asleep on them all the way home,thank-you please keep in contact we wish you and your new family all the very best.

Good luck Mark Anna & children

Dear Jason,

I am shocked by your decision but fully understand why!!! I have been a great fun of yours over the years, you have played and voted for you when you won your fully deserved award. I understand your descison as many others will too, having a injury for a long time and then fighting back is tough work and you have to have determination which youhave shown you have a lot of. I know you have keeped fit in the best way that you could and have even seen you in the park doing some laps myself , outside of training and in your own time.(and was going to come and join you)

But.........i understand that the request has been turn down and i understand stand why too i know your chance is going to come soon and you are going to show us what we have been missing. I have read that you know your capability an talent but i would like to tell you personally that you are no worst and Steve Banks is no better then you. I am sure you will be picked again soon rather then later maybe this will make the management think. If it is affecting your personal life then there must be a change which you are trying to achieve. I wish you all the best whether you are still at gillingham or not.

Thanks for reading the letter

Megan Crayford.


we would like to send our respects and sympathy to jason brown. we\'re both devoted gillingham supporters and have been deeply disapointed having not seen him on the starting line up for the past few weeks! we'd just like to say, along with every other gills fan, to keep going and that we hope to see him back on the pitch where he belongs as soon as possible. xXx

Yours, laura hopkins and katie boxall


Please don't Go! Things aren't good at the club at the moment and we need top keep our best players. You are our best goalie in my humble opinion. It\'s easy to see how much you want to play for the club from watching your warm up before each match. I like Banksy but i don't think he commands the area the way you do. Your age is on your side as well so if you could, please stay. This is the first time i've contacted a player via their website to ask 4 anything. Again, please stay.

Dave Rainham End Block 1 Half way up



We, in this family, understand your frustration and can see why you have requested a transfer. The facts (as you well know) are, we needed cover when you were injured and Steve has come in and performed a very decent job. You are young and I am sure will benefit from this situation. You will get your chance again, probably quite soon I reckon and from what I have seen of your determination and skill Steve will find it hard to get the place back. You will ensure that and that can only be good for the Gills. Keep with it - we all want you to stay.

Regards David Gutsell and family (PS - the programme photo of you which you signed for me now graces my son's room in Australia where he lives)


Hey Jason, ive just heared that you've put in a transfer request in, i can undersatand the reason of the lack of first team opportunities. You have the big presence who talks to the defenders, you have been brilliant for us over the few years and i hope that you go on and play for the Gills for many years to come!

Yours Faithully Bobby Ingram (No.1 Fan).


I was wondering if you think it possible to make it in the Welsh squad for the world cup. which i think is. Hope you stay at gills, hessy should play you, because your the one the best things we have, though i wouldnt want to stay if i was'nt being played.

Cheers, adaz

  Jason, Just wanted to say what a shame it was to hear about your transfer request. You've been a fantastic keeper for us and some of your saves will live long in the memory. I heard your request had been turned down and to be honest I would be happy to see you stay at Priestfield for as long as possible but I understand your situation and I'm sure most of the fans will too. You need to be playing regularly. Whatever happens I hope your career is a long and succesful one.

All the best. Tom Walker (Season ticket holder in the Rainham End)


hi jason

having met you at the player of the year do when you won it I my friends and I found you to be one of the nicest blokes in the squad. i predicted you would hand in a transfer request a while back and to be honest, I don't blame you. We can't wait to see you wearing the no.1 jersey for wales and if you do find another club soon, thank you for your professionalism and everything you\'ve done for the gills. most fans like us will understand, maybe you should give sir alex a ring!! hope all goes well.

Thanks once again Richard, Greg, John and Mr.P


Firstly I'd like to say I'm deeply saddened to hear about your transfer request, although I fully understand it. I have no doubt you deserve first team action and if you can't get it then obviously you have to look elsewhere. I have some questions about positioning, and I felt you would be the best person to ask. I have just started playing in goal for my under 15's team. I think I'm quite good and I'm confident, but I'm not sure where I should be standing for corners. Should I stick to my line, or wander out a couple of yards? Also attacks down the wings... should I be on my line, or a bit further out? Thanks a lot for your time and I wish you plenty of luck for the future, whatever happens :)

Cheers, from Rowan.


Jason, Your time will come hopefully sooner rather than later, it seem's that the defence do have confidence in Steve. That is not just my opinion but those around me as well.




Dear Jason, I've been a huge fan of yours since we first saw you warming up at Preston when you first came to Gills - "Jason Brown, goalkeeping genius" was the song that day... and yes, we're a mad bunch but you still play along with us. (May I apologise again for the drunken "I'm sooo proud of you, you're greeeeeeat" at the PoY a couple of seasons back) But the real reason I'm writing: your transfer request. Some of us have been dreading it for a while, and I feel terrible both that you want to leave, and that the club has turned down your request. I know you're the consummate pro and will continue to work just as hard, but knowing what first team football means to you, I feel a lot of guilt at having an unhappy player at the club. I can only hope that the management see the error of their ways (rest assured we fans will do our best to show them)and realise how much this club needs you and how much the fans adore you. Of course, if they refuse to do so, then every Gillingham fan will wish you the very best wherever you go, and will follow your success - forever rueful that it could have been for us. Best wishes to the family, and I hope it all works out for you.

Nikki-Noodles / PomPom & The Adie Pennock Fan Club

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