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Your questions answered... - 13/10/2003

Your questions answered...
   Kevin Campbell
   Francis Jeffers
   Duncan Ferguson
   Wayne Rooney
   Paul Scholes

1 - what would you consider is Everton's best strike force and in my lifetime will in be able to see Everton win the premiership?


That’s a difficult question to answer as at present there’s tremendous competition for the places up front. It also depends whether we’d be playing just two up front or with a third striker playing just behind the front two.

Franny Jeffers has come back to Goodison and although his quality is without doubt, I think he’ll want to remind us how good he can be – it hasn’t gone exactly to plan for him at Arsenal. Big Dunc is an absolute legend at Goodison, if only he’d had better luck with injuries I’m sure he’d be spoken of as one of the all time Premiership greats. What more can be said about Wayne? He’s a special player with a massive career in front of him. Kevin Campbell has consistently been pushing for top scorer since he arrived at Everton – and that speaks for itself. So to answer the question, with two upfront, I’d go for a partnership of Wayne and big Dunc. If it were three upfront, I’d also put Franny in the mix with Wayne playing behind the front two. I also have to say that Kevin Campbell would also play a big part, he’s got a bit of everything and would be a more than capable replacement.


As for winning the Premiership, I’d like to think that yes, it can be done. We’ve got quite a young team and with the emergence of a few more players from youth and reserve levels, we’ve got a chance. It certainly wouldn’t be easy, but with a bit of time for the youngsters to mature, the future looks good.



2 - Can you name me some player in the Everton U. 19's or Reserve squad who you feel will eventually make it into the first team?

I’ll give you three names – Anthony Barry, Anthony Gerrard, and Brian Moogan.

Anthony Barry a great little crosser who may need to develop physically, but he’s certainly got the talent. Anthony Gerrard is Steven Gerrards cousin. He’s a centre back, so with a bit of luck he could be partnering me in the first team in a few years! Brian is a wing back / midfielder who is comfortable with both feet.



3 - Who are your best mates at the club? 

There’s  great team spirit at Goodison and to be honest, it’s difficult to pick out ‘best mates’. I’m probably closest to the younger lads as I’ve grown up with them - Sean O’hanlon, Leon Osman, and Nick Chadwick.


4. If you could sign any player you wanted for Everton, who would it be?   

Probably Paul scholes, he scores goals for fun and makes excellent runs both on and off the ball. In addition, his work rate is fantastic – a complete player. 


5. Have you got any nicknames? 

Just ‘Clarkey’


6. What is your preferred position?

I’ve played fullback but without doubt I consider myself to be a Centre back.


7. How are things going with England?

I’ve been happy with my form when playing for England, although it’s been disappointing that we didn’t manage to qualify for the finals. All you can do is play to the best of your ability – I aim to do that every time I pull on my boots.

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