A mixed bag - 09/10/2003


Even though itís a totally different platform from the first team derby, there was still a still a bit of a buzz when the Blues faced the Reds at the Diva Stadium last week. With two of the better sides in the league facing each other, the quality of football was good. Personally it was a frustrating and disappointing game. I didnít feel that I played badly, but a sending-off and a 1-0 defeat speaks for itself. 

Iíve read the match report on the Official Everton site, and have to say that I disaree with their interpretation of the bookings. I picked up the first card when marking Florent Sinama-Pongolle, I was tight on him when the ball was played up to him and tried to toe poke the ball but caught his calf with my knee. The second card came when I dropped back to give our full-back, Alan Moogan, an angle but he played it square and into the path Sinama-Pongolle who skipped past me and although I never touched him, he went down. The ref didnít blow and it was only when he saw the linesmans flag did he stop play. When sent off you usually feel that youíve let both yourself and your team down, but on this occasion the linesman simply got it wrong. Both Andy Holden and David Moyes had a word with him, but that didnít mean I could return to the pitch. We went down 1-0 when Sinama-Pongolle went down in the box and converted the penalty himself. A disappointing game but weíre already looked forward to the return fixture in January. I know a few of the Liverpool lads, my best mates brother, Andrew Wright, played in the game, and although Chris Kirkland was missing, Iím sure theyíll be looking to give me some thoughtful Ďfeedbackí - Iíll be keeping out of their way for the next few weeks!

The derby game was followed by last nights match at Southport against Man Utd. This time we got the result and the 3-2 win was an excellent game. As with Liverpool, thereís a good rivalry between the sides and again, the officials helped to spice up the game with no less than three penaltyís being awarded. We went 3-0 up before United got one back and then scored again with five minutes to go. We held on and if we were disappointed with the Liverpool game, this time we enjoyed the game and got what we deserved.

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