Party, Party! - 26/10/2003

Party, Party!
The guy's just so flash...he didn't even charge!!

We’ve been celebrating a couple of birthday parties at Everton this week, both of which were held at Aintree. I think it’s common knowledge that one of them involved a local lad who’s just turned 18, the other, well to avoid his embarrassment let’s just say he was 22. As you know, football is going through a really hard time at the moment and many Premiership players are struggling to pay the rent and put food on the plates of their families. But of course birthday’s are special occasions when you really push the boat out and dig deep in your pockets to have a good time. I best not name him for fear of people writing in with begging letter’s and thinking he’s a bit flash, but when the invitations were dished out we were amazed to see that he’d actually managed to lay on the whole night and was ONLY CHARGING US £11 A TICKET!!!

Hey, and as for the younger of the birthday boys, well he was just showing off….he didn’t even charge us…big time Charlie!!

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