I play tonight - 10/11/2003

With an injury to David Weir and flu hitting Alan Stubbs, Iíve been given a start in tonightís televised game against Blackburn. Iíd rather be selected on form, but you canít complain about being a chance and I fully intend to make the most of it. The pressure is on, and it may be difficult to pick up the pace of Premiership football, but thatís just part of the game. Iíll be partnered by Joseph Yobo, and although weíve never played together in the Premiership, weíve seen enough of each otherís game in training to know what to expect.

Andy Cole is out of the game and it looks like Iíll be up against Dwight Yorke and Matt Jansen Ė two players I actually faced in a friendly when I made my debut for Blackpool. Theyíre both very good players, with great technique and an eye for goal. Blackburn arenít having the best of season, neither are we, and the under performing of both teams creates an added sense of importance. I donít think itíll be a classic, but Iíd rather we got three points than provided the entertainment and come away with a defeat.

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