Still a Blue - 11/08/2004

Still a Blue

Although I'm now technically out of contract, Everton hold me registration papers and will continue to do so unless a club come in for me and agree a compensation fee. As such, I'm a little bit in limbo, however I'm going into training to enjoy my football and I wont let the situation get me down. I've been around long enough to know that things can change quickly and anyhow, I owe it to the club and to myself to continue to be as professional as I can.

I was aware that Blackpool came in for me during the summer, but again, the compensation fee became the stumbling block. I saw that Sunderland recently bought a young lad from Dunfermline who's also a defender, they paid something like 25,000 in compenssation but I guess with me playing for all the England teams - exceptiong the full squad - Everton are wanting considerably more. It is a problem, there's not the money in the game that there once was, but things like this are out of my hands - all I can do is get my head down, train and play, and hope to either get a run in the first team or for another club to come in and agree a fee with Everton.

I know I've had a few emails from fans urging me to join their respective clubs, and it's nice to be appreciated. I hope that can now understand that I've little control over the situation and as most players will tell you...all I want to do is play first team football.

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