Ferrell and Chopra's Excellent Adventure - 20/01/2003

Ferrell and Chopra's Excellent Adventure
For Bill and Ted, try Ferrell and Chops!!!

Jamie McClen likes to get in first when itís a case of embarrassing team mates, just ask David Beherall! However Iíve beaten him to it this time, not that Andy Ferrell will be pleased. Andyís a good lad though, and with all the abuse thatís been dished out, itís just as well that he can take a joke! The full story should be uploaded soon, to read about Andy and Michael Chopraís tour of the West of Scotland, click on the Ďbiographyí section and then Ďfootball storiesí.

Iím looking forward to the visit of Bolton Wanderers, although the game at The Reebok was a classic, the fact we came away with nothing is all that counted. Whether Iíll be involved, Iím not sure at this stage, but you can be assured that the lads are ready and by no means taking the game as an automatic three points! Bolton have showed, especially in recent weeks that they can dig in and grind out results. The fact we have a great record at home is irrelevant, they beat us on Boxing Day and since then have been unbeaten against Everton, Sunderland, Fulham, and Charlton. Not many teams have gone to Goodison and come away with a point, so we know what weíre up against.

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