Clarence Seedorf Ė a Mickey Mouse player? - 30/06/2003

Pre-season training is going to be a breeze Ė thatís in comparison to single handily dragging two kids and a baby around Florence in sweltering heat with a broken pushchair (whilst the wife enjoyed a fashion show)!! Now weíre home Iíve got a couple of days of relaxation before weíre back to training. Saying that, Iíve been ticking along all summer and have already been into Darsley Park a few times. As Iím now into my late 20ís itís important to keep on top of fitness, and although my future at Newcastle isnít exactly looking fantastic I aim to be more than ready if Iím called upon. Iím just taking the same attitude as usual, Iíll do my best and if a first team opportunity arises, then Iíll be ready to take it.

As well as a few days in Florence, we also spent some time at Euro-Disney. Itís a big favourite with the kids, and even more so when we saw Clarence Seedorf. The boys love their football strips and after being in Italy Iíd bought them a Juventus, Italy and an AC Milan shirt. Seedorf was excellent with the autographs and was happy to pose for photographs with Max and Ethan. Although some players wouldnít be seen out in anything other than designer labels, it was interesting to see him (and his wife) wearing a Mickey Mouse ĎTí shirt.

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