Woody and Bradley - The Entertainers - 18/09/2003

Woody and Bradley - The Entertainers

From time to time in football you here you wonderful stories – not many players go on to become university Professors, and today there were two examples of why this is so…


Jonathan Woodgate – A lesson in anatomy


Baring in mind that Woody has been a professional player and involved in football from a very early age, you’d expect to him to have a basic understanding of the human anatomy. So it was more than a little bit amusing this morning when Paul Winsper (NUFC fitness coach) was putting him through paces in the gym – focusing on his glutes (otherwise known as Gluteus Maximus). The text of the conversation went something like this….

Windy…“how’s it going Woody, can you feel your glutes working?”

Woody…”Nah, but my arse is killing”



Bradley Orr - Rugby FOOTball


Earlier in the week we were playing touch rugby - just to break up the monotomy of the more usual training regime. They obviously don't play a lot of rugby in Merseyside, otherwise Bradley Orr, our young Scouser, wouldn't have kept us so entertained! 

Although Rugby Football - to give it it's full title - suggests that you kick the ball with your feet, most people who can spell their name, add-up, and feed themselves, will be able to tell you that the ball can be handled as well as kicked. Strange then that Bradley should appeal for 'HAND BALL' as soon as the game was kicked off!! 

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