I've already got your autograph Pedro! - 04/12/2003

I've already got your autograph Pedro!
Let me introduce myself...

The Variety Club will be happy that a decent amount of cash was raised for a very worthwhile cause at the Peter Beardsley tribute night earlier this week. I really enjoyed myself - that’s until I went up to the man himself to offer my congratulations!!

The top table was a pretty impressive sight – Kevin Keegan, Alan Shearer, Les Ferdinand etc etc. I was supposed to be up there as well, but managed to slip out of the spotlight and onto a table with a couple of Newcastle United’s younger players – Peter Ramage and Andy Ferrell, and Joe Morrison from NUFC.co.uk. It was a good move – the cameras kept panning across the table and the guests were asked a number of questions. The room was packed full of people and after every course it was a case of the autograph hunters getting as many signatures as possible – and quite understandable with the calibre of players up there! However this went on and on and in the end it began to get a bit much as there was just about a constant queue of people wanting autographs. Don’t get me wrong, it didn’t spoil the night – but it did get in the way of proceedings a little.

Before I left for home I thought I’d have a quick word with Pedro to say how much I’d enjoyed myself. I walked up to the top table and saw that Pedro had his head down and signing yet another autograph. As I approached him I was just about to say congratulations when he said “Now son, I’ve told you before, sit down and you’ll get an autograph later”. I’d normally have a laugh about it and give him a bit of dig…but the mike was on and everyone in the room had heard what he said…I didn’t know what to do with myself…and ended up taking a U turn and then approaching one of lads on the top table in an attempt to prove that I knew someone!!

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