Good to see OB and Griff - 08/10/2005

Good to see OB and Griff
OB is a great lad and a good mate

Last weeks game at Portsmouth gave a few of the old boys a chance to say hello. The two Andy’s - Griffin and O’Brien came over to the hotel on the Friday night and it was good to see them and catch up.Lua was abviously not well and I hope he gets over the malaria quickly.


OB, Griff and Lua deserved the chance to build on their careers in the Premiership, and that’s exactly what I expect them to do at Portsmouth. They’re both committed and professional and I expect in the mid-20’s that their best football is in front of them.


As for the game, Portsmouth certainly gave us something to think about. After coming on at half-time for Baba, it was certainly a bit of a relief to not to concede during a second half where Shay was magnificent.



With the international week making for an enforced break, on Tuesday we played the Celebrities from Sky TV’s ‘The Match’. To be honest, and whilst fully accepting that we’re the professionals and they’re the amateurs, they’re going to struggle on tomorrow against the legends.


This year the legends are fitter…and more aware of what they’re up against. Players like Batts, Warren, Des Walker, Nigel Winterburn are still fit lads, and there energy will be enough to compensate for some of the bellies carried by the rest of their team. I’d say there’ll be at least a three goal difference between the sides and a certain Peter Beardsley will get on the score sheet.

NB/ Our kit man, Ray Thompson, got a call from Sky TV earlier in the week. He was asked what colour kit we'd be wearing for the game on Tuesday. On replying that it'd be the green kit, the girl asking the question replied "but wouldn't that colour blend in with the grass".

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