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Frustrating times - 10/10/2003

   Brian Laws

We started the season with high hopes and although we did enjoy a bit of a run, itís probably fair to say that we should be higher up the table. Personally Iíve had quite a frustrating time, and after starting a number of the early games, Iíve found myself on the bench during the last month and a half. Itís just a case of doing what I can in training and trying to take advantage when Iíve come off the bench. Itís not easy when trying to make an impression as a sub, you have to pick up the pace of the game and then try to play your normal game Ė not bust a gut trying to do something special. The gaffer has spoken to me; asked me not to get frustrated and wait for my opportunity. I do understand his position, but all I want to do is play football.

The reserves are only playing once every two weeks and Iím the type of player who needs games to keep match sharp. You can train, and run, and play five a side, but nothing beats actually playing competitive matches. Iíve done ok in the reserve games, I scored against Grimsby and Darlington Ė but itís the first team games that really count and thatís where I want to be.

To be honest Steve McCleanís come in and done very well, heís a striker and, as with all strikers, is generally judged on his goals Ė well you canít argue with his tally! However Iíd like to think that given a few first team starts it wouldnít be long before Iíd also start banging them in.

Iíve got my good mate Jason Shackell coming down from Norwich this weekend. Heíll be at the match and then weíll be watching the England game Ė letís hope itís two wins for us all tomorrow!

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