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Difficult times - 10/03/2004

Difficult times
I understand the gaffer
   Brian Laws
   Scunthorpe United
   York City

I think everyone will agree that this season I havenít made the progress that had been hoped for. I am disappointed with the situation, and frustrated with not getting much of an opportunity to play, but to be quite honest, the reason why Iím not throwing my teddy out of the pram is because I understand the Brian Lawsí situation. He likes to send out a mobile striker playing off a target man and with Steve Torpey playing the target role and Steve
McClean banging the goals in Ė this leaves little chance for me to get in on the act.

All can do is wait for my chance, but even then Iíve not had the best of luck. I have had a chance or two in recent weeks but Iíve missed out through injury. Even last nightís game at York saw us pick up a few injuries. Iíd normally have expected to get a bit of a runabout, the team were well in control and 3-0 up, but when substitutions have already been made because of injury it leaves the gaffer with no opportunity to bring me on. I scored twice in the reserves last week and we play Boston today, if I can keep doing the business then Iíd like to think itíll be sooner rather than later before I get another chance.

Whereas this was a big season for me, next season is even more important. Itís likely that Steve McClean will return to Rangers, but if he doesnít, or if the gaffer brings in another striker, then I could face a similar challenge to that of this season. However Iím sure I can do a job here, and Iím hoping that come August Iíll be lining up on the pitch in the first team for the first game of the season.

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