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What’s gone wrong? - 21/08/2003

Before the start of the season I genuinely thought we’d be featuring at the top of the table. It’s fair to say that it’s not quite gone to plan, and everyone at the club is frustrated that we simply haven’t been playing to our potential. Not only have we conceded silly goals, we also haven’t managed to score – and that’s not exactly a healthy combination!

It’s not easy to find reasons behind our poor form, and to be honest I’m only clutching at straws if I blame a lack of concentration at vital times, one or two injuries, and facing opposition teams that are playing well. Ultimately, we all know that the performances haven’t been acceptable and we have to pull together on the training pitch to turn things around. Conceding early goals influences games – it’s knocks confidence and when you’ve played three lost three, scored one and conceded eleven – you need all the confidence you can get.

We face Wrexham on Saturday, although I’m still not able to play a part – my leg isn’t right and to play would be to take too much of a risk. I’d like to think that if we can keep them out for the first 30 minutes we’ll have a chance.  I want four points from the bank holiday games, and I don’t care that Wrexham have had a decent start – we should be up there at the top. Oldham on Monday is a chance to repay the home fans, the Lancashire team have had their problems off the pitch and lost half their team. We’re taking nothing for granted though – not with the start we’ve had!
 I hope to be back soon, whereas Jay Tabb should also be OK soon, he’s had what they call a stomach problem – he’s never been off the toilet! It’s a bit different for Andrew Frampton – and he’s been a big miss. He’s going to be out for a number of weeks due to concussion. It’s not usual for players to be out so long with concussion, but after being hit around three times in the head during the West Brom game, he’s got to be really careful. One more knock could cause serious problems and although there’s a strong temptation to bring him back early, to do so would be to take a massive risk – it won’t be done. 

So my message to the fans is quite simply, try and stick with us. We’re not having the best of times, but you can take it from me that we’re working hard to put things right. We’ll turn the corner soon.

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