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A new start - 19/03/2004

A new start
We need three points
   Rushden and Diamonds

We met Martin Allen, the new gaffer, yesterday and my first impressions are that things are going to change. We’ve got nine games to turn things around and the work starts tomorrow when we face Rushden and Diamonds at home. Usually teams see an improvement in results when a new manager comes in, and I think that’ll be the case tomorrow. The players who weren’t getting into the team have a fresh start, and the players who were established have to prove themselves again. It makes for a new determination and I hope the game tomorrow is no exception.

I don’t know much about the new gaffer, other than the fact he comes from the well known Allen footballing family. I believe he managed or has been assistant at a few clubs and that’s a good thing. We need someone with a bit of experience and with some luck we’ll survive in Div Two this year. I heard that a few managers turned the job down, and probably the combination of the league table and the tight finances may have put a few off? But he’s a relatively young boss with a decent record, and he’ll want to continue to build his reputation.

I was sorry to Garry Thompson leave the club. He’s a good coach, got on well with the players and we all hope to see him do well. Football can be a cruel game, but as one door closes another opens. He’ll do ok because he’s got the knowledge, skills, and attitude that are needed.

On a personal front, I’ve generally been happy with my form this season and I hope that this’ll continue. We start afresh tomorrow and we’re looking forward to it.

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