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We're improving - 07/04/2004

We're improving
Looking forward to Hillsborough
   Martin Allen
   Sheffield Wednesday

The new gaffer has got his feet under the table and I think we've started to turn the corner. A great result at Hartlepool was followed by the mad game at home to Chesterfield - a game where you can definately say we dropped two points. To be fair Hartlepool really battered us in the first half, but I managed to put in Jay Tabb and his shot hit the back of the net. We then got another before they pulled one bang and made it a nervous finish. The Chesterfield game was the killer, how you can go one up in the 93rd minute and not get three points? It's just mad. I suppose you can call it inexperience or lack of concentration. I thought the gaffer would blast us when we got back to the changing rooms, in actual fact he was quite calm and made a few fair points that we've taken on board.

Overall he's got us working really hard on the training ground and we have to be bang on time with evrything we do - he's big on discipline. We're having three to four hour training sessions and whereas at this stage of the season most clubs ease down on the training pitch, we're moving up a gear. The boys understand it though, the league table tells us that somethings have to change!!

We're away to Sheff Wed this weekend and we're looking forward to it. I've heard that they've sold a lot of tickets - must be because of the Easter Holidays. I've not played at Hillsborough before and it'll be good to play in such a big stadium - even if it has seen better days. As for the game, I'm confident we can get a result. If we play to our potential we can give anyone in this league a game - that's why it's been such as frustrating season - we shouldn't be down where we are.

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