Telford - what a nightmare!! - 10/12/2003

Telford - what a nightmare!!

You have to look back a couple of weeks ago to the FA Cup second round draw, when we found that we'd be facing Telford we were very confident of going through to the third round Ė what a nightmare!! We were the better side at times but couldn't score, whilst got three and won fair and square. We had about six or seven corners on the bounce then they went up the pitch and ended up scoring. I couldn't believe it, then the first penalty was fair enough, but we thought the second was a little bit harsh as our player fell on the ball Ė hardly intentional.


There will be changes, in both attitude and perhaps formation. We have a friendly game later this afternoon and the gaffer may experiment a bit. I fancy playing upfront Ė itís only since Iíve been at Brentford that Iíve played on the wing. Unfortunately for both Tommy Wright and the club, heís been injured in training this morning and although we donít know how long heíll be out, I get the feeling he may miss a few games. I guess if the gaffer does play me in a central role, it would have been alongside Tommy Ė as I say, weíll see what heís planning later on.


We face Stockport away in Saturday, and when we came off the pitch after the Telford game we were really disappointed and the boys will be looking to set things right at the weekend. Sometimes you have to hold your hands up and admit your mistakes, itís that time. But donít right us off, itís a kick up the backside and tíll do us good, just see what happens against Stockport!  

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