Life on the sidelines - 01/03/2004

Iím still not fit Ė the groin is taking itís time to heal and Iím finding watching games very frustrating. Weíre not playing well and all I want to do is get back on the pitch and try and make a difference. I think Iíll be back in training by the end of the week and itís possible that Iíll be back shortly after that Ė time will tell.  Weíve had a disappointing season, and when we kicked off in August I honestly thought that promotion was a strong possibility. Now, six months later weíre
actually fighting relegation! Itís difficult to put your finger on why weíve struggled. To be honest, I just donít know! Weíve some good players at the club and although weíve lost Paul Smith to Southampton, our form was poor before he left! The gafferís brought in a couple of players, and for example Tommy Smithís done well. Itís just a shame heís been injured for a few games. So nothingís really changes in terms of the squad from the start of the season. Yes weíve had a few injuries, but thatís football and itís not just Brentford players who miss games through injury!! When you look at the table you canít help feeling that weíre better than fifth from bottom. But West Ham were too good to go down last season, and now theyíre playing in the First Division. Perhaps we just need a bit of luck?

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