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Back to the future - 30/06/2004

Back to the future
Derby - the end of an era
   David Beckham
   Derby County

Despite being away Iíve been able to catch all the England games. I was in Miami with friends and I really enjoyed it, so much so that I want to go back! It was such a friendly place; the beach was 25 miles long and the weather fantastic. I was in Cyprus for some of the England games but all the games were shown and there was such a great atmosphere over there.

I had made it home for the Portugal game, and obviously I was gutted about the result, but Iím not sure that the players deserve all the flak theyíve been getting. I thought the defence played really well as a unit, apart from set pieces where we were quite vulnerable. I donít think Beckham did too bad either and we donít know what impact the managerís tactics had on his game.

I thought Portugal would do well before the tournament and Iíll stick with them to go on and win it.

About my future, although nothing has been signed it has been agreed in principle, Iím 99% sure that Iíll be going to Southend on a 2 year contract. I really enjoyed my time down there. Also their pre-season training starts a day later than back at Derby so I get an extra days holiday! But seriously I wasnít very happy when I was at Derby, it was frustrating not playing and they more or less left me to it while I was out on loan. I didnít have much contact with them while I was at Southend, so it made my decision a bit easier. Iíd been at Derby for 6 years, so quite a long time. Iíve got some very good friends there, ones that Iíll always be in contact with. I still had a year left on my contract but I really enjoyed it in Southend so Iím looking forward to going back. Playing regular football makes such a difference. Pre-season starts on Thursday so I havenít got too long, and I need to find somewhere to live!


written with Caroline Larkham

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