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Good to get a win - 15/10/2004

   David Beckham
   Michael Owen
   Colchester United
   Boston United
   Football Association


Our last game was against Boston, and we won it 2-1. This was my first full game for a while and it was really good to play the entire 90 minutes. I had been playing reserve games but they're completely different from league games. There's no crowd for starters and they're not nearly so competitive. So it was great to play against Boston, and I think I played pretty well too. Our goalie was sent off just before half time, by which time we were 2-0 up. Bramble went in goal, and they scored straight after half time. After that we were holding on and had our backs to the wall. Bramble made a few good saves in goal and we managed to get a win.

The game before that was away to Darlington and we lost 4-0. I came on as a substitute with just over 10 minutes to go. The game was pretty much dead by the time I got on. They deserved to win and to be honest it could have been more than 4, they played well and we had a bit of an off day.

The LDV Vans Trophy game against Colchester was a few days before that and we came through it on penalties. We played them in the same competition last year and beat them so I think they saw it as a chance to get revenge. But it's always nice to beat the local rivals! We won the penalties 5-4 and I took our second one. I definitely wanted to take one and I put it in the top right hand corner and scored. I don't put it in the same position every time; it depends on the situation. We usually practice taking penalties the day before a cup game but we didn't this time.

Our next game is at home to Swansea and there is loads of competition for places in the team but as I played well in the last game I'm really hoping to get picked.

I've yet to move in to my new place. It's a brand new house and it's all finished but there's some legal issue to do with the land and the move in date keeps getting put back. I've been given a date next Friday but I'm not holding my breath! This means that I'm still in digs and I've got my stuff everywhere, including my mum and dad's garage which they're not too pleased about! It's been incredibly frustrating and I can't wait to move and get settled in.

I saw the recent England games and thought we did well. The game against Azerbaijan was played under difficult conditions and in those situations you need to just get the win and get out which they did. Beckham's goal against Wales was just superb, and he's in an no win situation regarding the yellow card. There was one paper that said Michael Owen should take over the captaincy from him, this was the same paper that the previous week was saying Michael Owen shouldn't even be playing!


Words by Caroline Larkham

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