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Putting my injury behind me - 26/04/2005

   Yeovil Town
   Chester City

I've been out of action for the last six or seven weeks since injuring my knee. It's been 5 weeks since the operation and I started training at the end of last week.  I'm playing in my first reserves game on 27 April which I'm looking forward to. After that I'll be fit for selection but we've only got a couple of games to go. We'll have to see if the manager selects me.

 We're playing Yeovil on Saturday, and this could be a very good game as things are so tight at the top. We're currently second so we've got a lot to play for!

 I've been going to the home games, but not the away ones. I've enjoyed them as we've been doing so well. I went to the LDV Vans Final in Cardiff. I didn't think we did ourselves justice that day and we lost 2-0, the same as last year. We've played a lot better than that during the season. It might have been the occasion and the pressure might have taken its toll. Wrexham didn't have anything to lose I suppose; they'd had a troubled season too.

 People ask as I'm not playing did I want the team to win, meaning I'd miss out on a cup final victory. I was cheering the boys on! I suppose it's different if you're not selected but when you're injured it's out of your hands. I was desperate for them to win.

 We had two of our players nominated in the PFA League Two team of the season which was fantastic. They're both obviously delighted; they've both had such a good season.

 For the first time ever I suffered some racial abuse at a match. It was when we were playing Chester. I was more shocked than anything. It was only one bloke in the crowd and I reported it at half time, and was told that he would be ejected from the ground. But when we went out for the second half he was still there so I reported the incident again at the end of the game. I've made a statement to the police so we'll just see what happens. I was able to block it out and just carry on with my football.

 The Champions League semi-final should be good. I fancy Chelsea will it by two goals and I reckon they'll face Milan in the final, which would be a really close game

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