Round up! - 22/11/2004

Round up!
Trundle - a quality player


Well itís been a while and thereís a lot to catch up on.

Records were made in our game against Swansea, which we won 4-2. It was the quickest goal on a league debut, after only 8 seconds! Eastwood then went on and scored a hat trick. Not a bad start! On the whole we were the better team and deserved all the points. Lee Trundle is one of the better players in the division and he did have some good touches, including hitting the crossbar from about the half way line. But our defence did well in keeping him fairly quiet.

Our next game was against Scunthorpe and we were unlucky to come away with nothing. We scored first, then they got 2 goals, we managed to get an equaliser and they got the winner really late on. So after battling to draw level we were really disappointed to leave empty handed. It was a decent game too.

The conditions were far from ideal when we played Shrewsbury. It was so wet and windy, not very conducive to playing good football! Combined with that, theyíd lost their manager only the day before, and itís always hard playing a team whoíve just lost their manager. It ended 1-1, which on the day seemed fair enough, but when you go to teams in the lower half of the table youíd like to get all 3 points.

The game against Northampton wasnít particularly memorable, but we did play well and deserved the points, we won 2-1. I was booked but I canít remember what for!

We then had another game against Shrewsbury, this time in the LDV Vans Trophy. Luckily the weather conditions were better and we won 4-1. The score line says it all and we were the better team. I came off late on, it wasnít an injury or anything but giving someone else a run out.

We scored 4 in our next game too, this time against Oxford. They all came in the second half. The first half was pretty even but we came flying out the blocks for the second half. They had a player sent off in the last few minutes and we got a penalty as a result of that. I thought it was a bit harsh as I think their player played the ball but as he was last man he had to go. To be honest the game was all over by then so it didnít have a bearing on the result.

We faced Luton on a Friday night in the FA Cup. We were fairly confident going into it as weíd won our last 5 home games and weíd beaten them last season in the LDV Vans Trophy, but we lost 3-0. Basically we were stream rolled, they scored all the goals in the first half, and we never really got started. I quite like Friday night games, the crowds tend to be bigger and the atmosphere is better, plus we get the weekend off! I went home for the weekend and caught up with friends. It does feel very weird on a Saturday when you see the results coming in and youíre not playing.

We lost our most recent game 3-1 away to Yeovil, but our next game is at home to Grimsby. And itís on a Friday night so I get another weekend off!

I missed the England game against Spain but obviously heard all about it. To be honest I donít think that sort of thing happens over here anymore, but maybe Iím just oblivious to it. There was a report of it happening to Dwight Yorke at the weekend, so we might experience it for a couple of weeks but then I think it will die down.

Iíve finally made it into my new house and Iím getting all settled in. Itís great to be in my own place at last. My dad helped move all my stuff down and itís fantastic to have all my own bits and pieces again.

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