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A Striking Signing for Sam - 28/08/2002

A Striking Signing for Sam
Chris should do well

So we received a £5million offer for Michael Ricketts – I’d take it! OK, it’s the not the figure the club want, and it certainly isn’t the cash that some of the media have been quoting, but £5million in these time is a lot of cash. Times have changed, and days of really big money deals will be few and far between. It’s about buying and selling and balancing the books, but It’s a buyer’s market and I think the side could have been significantly strengthened if we’d taken the cash.

With Henrik Pederson leaving the club, Chris Armstrong – my old partner during our Millwall days has joined us. He’s a good acquisition and although he’s not presently fit, he’ll push likes of Ricketts and Holdsworth and we’ll see the benefit. Chris has been sent to Belgium where he’ll get about ten days of intensive fitness training. He’ll come back much the better for it, but we need to give him time, he’s missed a lot of football and his sharpness only show when he’s had a few games under his belt.

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