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Three very welcome points - 20/11/2002

Three very welcome points
   Henrik Pedersen
   Bolton Wanderers

Winning at Leeds is a cracking achievement and with scoring four goals it should be a real boost to our confidence. I wasnít at the game, but I saw the goals on Sky and Henrik Pedersen took his chances very well indeed. The Dane hasnít had a great 12 months and it looked as if he may have been on the way out of the club, but thatís all forgotten about now and I hope thisíll be the start of a good run for him. He played as the lone striker at Elland Road and itís obvious that his favoured position is centre forward. In the past heís been played out wide and it hasnít worked for him. With the other strikers failing to make the position their own, heís now in the driving seat.

We seem to be playing better away from home than at the Reebok, I really canít say why. Perhaps itís the expectation at home, it might be putting the players on edge, but itís a shame and a big disadvantage! Letís just hope the win can be built on. Itís a shame we couldnít switch the wins against Leeds and Man U with the defeat against Birmingham and the draws against Sunderland or West Brom. I know itís always great to get a win against a big side, but our battle is against the strugglers and we havenít been able to take full advantage. We've also got the game in hand away to Newcastle, and whilst it's not exactly a three-point banker, they might be distracted with their Champions League involvement.

Itís Chelsea on Saturday and Iím sure the playerís know that itís going to a tough game. The Londonerís are really flying at the moment, and with Eidur coming back, weíll have to be on top form to get something for the game. Heís got nothing to prove to us and Iím sure heíll be relaxed and looking forward to the game. Zolaís from has been incredible, and with Hasselbaink presently sitting on the bench Ė that just shows you what weíre up against. Having said that, weíve done very well at Leeds and weíre more than capable of surprising a few people.

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