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In it to win it? - 09/12/2002

   Sam Allardyce
   Bolton Wanderers

In it to win it, or in it for what it can give us? Sam’s mentioned at the club AGM that he’s not interested in the competition. I disagree though, a win is a win and the boost to confidence for team and strikers will pay dividends in the Premiership. The alternative is to put out a fringe or young side - as we did against Bury – and look what happened? I don’t believe it benefited anyone, fans or clubs. A weaker team led to no win, no goals and we got knocked out!

I do understand the last thing Sam wants to do is to pick up more injuries, but when you balance up the pros and cons of putting out a depleted side, I think it’s best to go for it. The F.A. Cup’s a bit special, playing in it gives you a break from the Premiership, it’s a game without pressure of competing for points, it’s exciting and could provide a spark to get you going again.

As for the draw, well the positive is that we got a home draw, but looking back at the Sky game against Sunderland….what can you say? It was dire! Saying that, if Sam puts out the side I think he will, and Howard Wilkinson does likewise, we might even get a cracker? Otherwise, they’ll defend very deep and if they nick a goal then they’ll shut up shop – not a recipe for a great game! I bet the Sunderland fans are sick, they're one of the best sets of supporters and to be fed such negative football won't go down well with them.

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