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I want the Shrewsbury job - 07/05/2003

I waited for the right club to come along and given the chance, I’d love the opportunity to take over at Shrewsbury. As an ex-player I understand the club and the town, and I genuinely believe that I’m equipped to take the club forward. I gave the following interview to the Shrewsbury Star and it accurately sums up my feelings…

John McGinlay has today emphatically thrown his hat into the ring for the Shrewsbury Town manager's job by declaring: "It would be an absolute dream for me." The former Gay Meadow fans' favourite was among the crowd for Tuesday evening's 'Judgement Day' defeat at Carlisle and was hurt by the club's fall from grace.

McGinlay has been carrying out media work to keep him busy while waiting for the right management job to come up as well as scouting for a number of clubs. "I've been patient - I was offered a job in the Conference and I was interested but it wasn't right and I feel this one is," said the former Scottish international. "It means a lot to me because it was my first club and they set me on the road so it would be an absolute dream."

McGinlay is set to contact the Town board over the next few days to express his keen interest in the job. "I'm going to apply soon," he said. "I wouldn't expect the board to come and knock my door down but I'm prepared to go and knock theirs down. "I've got a soft spot for the club and to see them in this position hurts me. "I don't want to point fingers obviously but things haven't been right for a while. "No disrespect but you only need to look just down the road," he said. "When you think Shrewsbury are now at the same level as Telford it shows how far the club has fallen."

The ex-Bolton hitman has had one taste of management, saving Ilkeston Town from relegation in the Dr. Martens Premier after being brought in when they were stranded at the foot of the table, but left after a disagreement with the chairman.

McGinlay believes there has been a lack of discipline in the Shrewsbury squad and says he would insist on himself and the players moving nearer to the club if he was in charge. "It's a big job and you need to be involved in the community if you're the figurehead of a football club and you have to be seen around the town," he said. "I have heard some stories recently about the players travelling and training when they want and this and that. "I think there's been a severe lack of discipline in the club."

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