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Chip off the old block - 10/02/2004

   Manchester City

I'm a proud dad of five children, and all of them have their own personalities and characteristics. Their mum and I think the world of all of them and with having five it's just as well!!! At 7pm last night I went down to Man City and had a meeting with the staff about Michael, our second son, and his future at the club. He?s been at City for a while now and in playing for the under 17's, he's playing with lads one year older than him. I'm tremendously proud of Michael and was absolutely delighted to be told that City have offered him a new two-year contract. He knows that the hard works starts for him now. Although he's off to a much better start that his 'old man' had in his career, but there's so much for him to learn. I came into the game late and enjoyed the best years of my career in my mid to late twenties. First things first though, he needs to carry on developing, listening and learning. I don't have any doubts about his attitude, he's a mature, level-headed lad and he's not the type who'll lose direction. If he can keep up his development then he's got a chance,
and I'd love to see him make his mark in the game. Well done son, you?ve made your dad a very proud man!

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