Whatís in store for Bolton? - 10/08/2002

Iím confident weíll do very well this season, I donít think Iím sticking my neck out by saying Bolton will finish mid-table. Last year was fantastic for the club, and although it was tight at the finish, this yearís squad is undoubtedly stronger.

The buyís of Okocha and Djorkaeff give us plenty of attacking options from midfield, whilst Delroy Facey could give us something extra upfront. I still think that there may be one or two still to arrive at the Reebok, Chris Armstrong could provide mobility and experience if he was to sign for the club. Sam will also be hoping that Bulent and Mendy will be contributing.

Iím optimistic, although my only concern is that Iím not sure how Sam will fit both Okocha and Djorkaeff together. Both are forward looking, and especially in matches away from home, it could be a little too adventurous. I feel we need a player who can hold the midfield and mop up in-front of the back four.

Time will tell, but what I do know is that weíve now got a stronger and larger squad, a fantastic manager, and a great team spirit.

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