Chips off the old blocks? - 09/09/2002

Chips off the old blocks?
What a man to learn from!

Michael, my 15 year-old son is in the City youth team. Iíve seen his last two games and heís scored against Wolves and against Everton. Heís still finding his feet in the game and although Iíve got every faith in him, thereís a lot of hurdles to overcome before we can say heís made it. Heís also playing in the same team as Peter Schmeichel son, and my god, talk about being a chip off the old block! But Iím talking about his physical appearance as opposed to his goalkeeping skills. Peter, in my opinion has been one of the world greats Ė thatís how highly rate the man. But if both boys go on to make a career out of the game, then thereíll be two proud Ė an old Ė fathers thatíll be very happy for them!

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